The first Multicalendar was created just before the year 2010 in a wooden cottage on the border of large lakes and woods. It sounds like a fairy tale but it is true 🙂 The project is intended for 28 years because after that time the Gregorian calendar will be repeated.

Each Multicalendar contains a set of interesting information about the world or events occurring in the particular year. The Multicalendars are printed in screen printing technology because it allows to use the papers of the highest quality and even more. From the very beginning the Multicalendars are issued in limited and manually numbered editions of 50 items what makes them additional unique.

More information about the calendar is available on a specially prepared RWD site.

project page

MULTICALENDAR 2016 contains:
• seasons
• Gregorian calendar
• Moon phases of the Northern Hemisphere
• zodiac constellations
• Mercury (88), Venus (225), Earth (365), Mars (687) time for one Orbit of Sun in Earth days
• Gregorian calendar repeat cycle
• Sun symbol

It is printed on a transparent polyester foil with a weigh of 300g/m2 and the white paint is refined with a luminescent layer, which will shine in the darkness after being first exposed to light

Format 100 x 70 cm

Limited edition of 50 units