The first Multicalendar was created just before the year 2010 in a wooden cottage between Kurpie and Mazury (the regions in Poland).

It sounds like a beginning of a fairy tale but it is true… This project is going to last 28 years when the return of the Gregorian calendar occurs.

Each Multicalendar contains a collection of interesting information about the world or upcoming events in a given year. By using screen printing technology as a method of printing Multicalendar is produced on highest quality paper.

Multicalendar is and will be for those 28 years issued in a limited, numbered edition of 50 pieces. This makes it not only an interesting design element but a windfall for collectors.

More information about the calendar is available on a specially prepared RWD site.

project page
MULTICALENDAR MMXV and around the circumference:
• the Moon phase of the North Hemisphere • Gregorian calendar • seasons
the internal circle contains diagrams:
• 1st to 5th dimension
• inner solar system
• solar wind
• solar eclipse
• lagrange points
• Earth’s magnetic field
• Earth’s atmosphere
• Earth–Moon system
• annual orbit of the Moon
• lunar phase
• zodiac phase
• Earth’s seasons

CHROMOLUX GOLD METALLICpaper it is a creative bristol board coated by the method of casting with characteristic reflection coating and perfectly smooth surface and basis weigh 250g/m2.
Format 100/70 cm.