Poster is a type of product that deeply belongs in printing trade. It originates as propaganda or advertising placed in public places. Some posters, however, found their way into homes as part of the decor. They are a manifestation of our tastes, hobbies, fascination and art in general. They mark a footprint of our presence in the interior, and make us feel really at home.

Inspired by this idea, I created the series of the Multicalendar. Multicalendar is something more than just a date, it’s a collection of information about the world, every year a new special calendar. The project is planned for 28 years, when the Gregorian calendar will complete its cycle and repeat.

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Cisowski – cztery pory roku

Cisowski – moim celem jest władza

Cirut Design

Camera Action Festival

Lodz Pinhole Scene


4 International Competition of Choreographic Art

And you about what make you fight