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Company name is the latin name of the people residing in the Roman times (I-IV century A.D.) around the area inhabited by the Baltic Slavs today.

Roman sources from I and II centuries mention Venedi, including Pliny The Elder, Tacitus, Claudius Ptolemy. Those sources reference “Venedi mountains” moraine hills and Mazury lake district, as well as “Venedi sea” which is now known as Baltic sea. Cooperating with clients i spreading the knowledge about our fathers, pra Slavs.


Hi, i’m Pawel Pilat

Poland-based illustrator and graphic designer creating more than just a calendar.

My experience with design had started long ago. Throughout those years I have cooperated with individual clients, companies and advertising agencies. My fondness for transforming and creating images led me to constant personal development in this field. The passion to process and create images allows me to design original products of unique nature.

Design is my passion, my hobby and it gives me a lot of pride and pleasure, that translates to my products and my customers’ satisfaction.


I creating unique and successful visual solutions, very often experimenting with typography, information and image. Always welcome a new challenges. Some of a services i perform most often include:

Logo design
Visual identification systems
Books and publications
Annual reports
Posters and infographics
Photographs and illustrations
UX, UI web and app design